Set password reset answers

In order to reset your password at a later date, you will need to enter some answers to four of six password reset questions:

  • In what city was your first job/work experience
  • What was the name of street you grew up in
  • Enter a memorable date
  • Enter a memorable location
  • Enter a PIN
  • What was the model of your first mobile phone

What answers can I give?

  • Each response should be three or more characters
  • You can't give the same response to more than one question

Set up password reset questions

Go to to register for Self Service Password Reset.

  1. Click + Add method
  2. Choose Security questions
  3. Choose the question that you would like to use and then provide an answer. Repeat for all four questions. Answers are not case sensitive.
  4. Click Done
  5. You should see a message appear to confirm Security questions were successfully registered.

Self Service Password Reset is also an option on the Microsoft login page.