The password for your University IT account controls access to all University IT facilities. You must not share your password with anyone.

You can change or reset your password at any time. However if you change or reset your password, you won't be able to change it again for 24 hours.

Choose a secure password

It is important that you choose a secure password, for the safety of your information and access to University systems.

Keep your password safe

To protect the information in your University IT account from unauthorized access:

  • Staff are required to change their password every three months, in line with the University Password policy (login required)
  • Do not share your password with anyone. Except in the case of a shared departmental account, you should never disclose your passwords to anyone. No one from IT services will ever ask for your password.
  • Do not write down your password
  • Do not let anyone see you type your password
  • Remember to log off. Do not leave a PC without first logging off. Check that you have logged off before you leave the PC.

If you receive a phone call or an email from any organisation asking you to send or type in your username or password do not do this. Please report this to the IT Service Desk. IT Services will never ask for your password.